Thursday, November 26, 2015

My first video!!! A shaker card trick - applying foam tape the easy way

Yikies, can you believe I made a video?!? I found this trick on a video by Sandy Allnock, and she seemed surprised at all the comments from people who had no idea to do this. She thought it was common knowledge, well apparently not! Seriously, do you know how many shaker card videos I've watched by all the top names in the paper craft industry, and she is the only one that showed this!!

So for your viewing pleasure (it's 5 minutes long, sorry I tried not to talk too much), here it is:

Sorry about the annoying Kizoa advertisement, it's a free program. It works pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but if you have any suggestions for other online editor programs that are free, please let me know!!

A couple of comments about the cards. First of all, that card isn't truly finished. I haven't even put it onto a card base yet! What I meant is that the shaker part is finished. Also, it seems kind of plain to me. I thought the colorful Christmas bulbs would be enough to 'carry it' but I feel like it's missing something. If you read this within the next couple of days, please feel free to suggest how I can jazz it up without too much overkill. If you've followed my blog at all, you'll know I'm a 'clean and simple' type of person, but my constant challenge is how to add that last little touch that takes it up a notch without overwhelming the look of it.

I truly truly would love to hear your thoughts on my video. Was this a helpful trick? Did you already know to do this, and if so, where did you learn about it? As I said, I saw it in a Sandy Allnock video and she is the only one I've seen do it! And trust me, I have watched a ton of shaker card videos.

If you liked my video, I would love a thumbs up on YouTube. It's easier than commenting but it's also encouragement for me to try to make more. :) Thanks for watching!