Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hi. It's me, Kim.

Hi. It's me, Kim. Okay so I never got the nerve to start posting any of my writing to my "grown-up writing" blog. Instead (at least for now) I'm going to blog about my foray into organizing chaos: the craft room.

I always thought I wasn't a crafter, that I wasn't crafty, or handy-crafty, what have you. In my mind, I always associated crafting with sewing. Sewing = crafting, thus crafting must = sewing. No?

No! Last year I fell in love. With a glue gun! In fact, I decided I'm the Goddess of Glue Guns. I love my glue gun. I went all out, no more of those crappy two dollar handhelds that fall over and make a mess. No siree, not for me. I used a 40% coupon at Michaels, and bought Aleene's Ultimate Glue Gun Kit. Have a looksee:

Now, don't let it fool you. It's not really cordless, at least not in my opinion. Yes you can remove the cord, and yes you can continue gluing... momentarily. It doesn't have an alternate power source, so the glue only stays hot for as long as... well as long as glue stays hot without being connected to an energy source. Yeah, way to go with the grown-up writing Kim.

What's so special then, if it's not cordless? Look inside!!!

Yes ma'am, those are interchangeable nozzles!!! Why am I even trying to explain this... let me just steal uh, borrow from the Michaels website description:

This palm fed, dual temp glue gun is fast heating with high output. It comes with four interchangeable non-drip nozzles. The needle nozzle is great for tight spots, crevices and small holes. The flat extension nozzle lays down a wide, flat accurate glue line. The ribbon nozzle lays down a wide, flexible glue ribbon. The side-cut nozzle is shaped to place large volumes of glue into tight corners. The ultimate glue gun also comes with a 5’ removable cord, eight glue sticks and its own carrying case. Use it for crafts, home repair, floral projects, wood and much more.

So, what do I like best? I love the carrying case! Yes, I'm a nut. Lest I get ahead of myself, I started selling at craft fairs during the year, and I love that I can pack up my glue gun and take it with me, and it's all self-contained.

Okay well, I guess that's enough for now. I'm sure you've had your fill with "Intro to Kim's Glue Gun 101" by now.